About Us

Every morning our farm wakes to one of the most noted 14er's, "Pike's Peak". Located at 9300 feet elevation in the Colorado Rockies, our farm strives to produce the best fiber to meet and exceed industry standards. We have a genuine love for all our alpacas. Mentorship, ethics, quality, and education are what we do. We are full-time alpaca breeders and have been farming and ranching for the past thirty years. While we are still a young couple our experience ranges from Professional Rodeo, Throughbred Racing, Game Management, Emergency Animal Rescue to Certified Nutritionist, Personal Trainer, Law Enforcement, Computer Science, Pastoral Counseling and Business Management. We have nearly covered it all. We continue on going efforts to educate ourselves and subseqently pass that information on to others. This is a life we have chosen to live for our better well-being and we support others wishing to do so as well. Mentorship and friendship make great lifelong bonds! Enjoy :)
You are welcome to and encouraged to call us anytime. We are happy to talk with others breeders and owners. You are in no way obligated to hear a "sales pitch". That is not what we are about. We are about connecting and sharing commons interest with others. Thank you for time and interest! :)